On April 30, 1934, under pressure from Italian-American lobby groups, the United States Congress passed a law enshrining Columbus Day as a national holiday.

President Franklin Roosevelt quickly signed the bill into law, and the very first Columbus Day was celebrated in October of that year.

Undoubtedly people had a different view of the world back then… and a different set of values.

Few cared about the plight of the indigenous who were wiped out as a result of European conquest.

Even just a few decades ago when I was a kid in elementary school, I remember learning that ‘Columbus discovered America’. There was no discussion of genocide.

It wasn’t until I was a sophomore at West Point that I picked up Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States (and then Columbus’s own diaries) and started reading about the mass-extermination of entire tribes.

Columbus himself wrote about his first encounter with the extremely peaceful and welcoming Arawak Indians of the Bahama Islands:

“They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron...They would make fine servants...With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

And so he did.  

“I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.”

Columbus had already written back to his investors in Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, that the Caribbean islands possessed “great mines of gold.”

It was all lies. Columbus was desperately attempting to justify their investment.

In Haiti, Columbus ordered the natives to bring him all of their gold. But there was hardly an ounce of gold anywhere on the island. So Columbus had them slaughtered. Within two years, 250,000 were dead.

Now, this letter isn’t intended to rail against Columbus. Point is, I never learned any of this information in school. Decades ago, no one really did.

But today, people are starting to be aware of what Columbus did. And our values are vastly different today than they were in 1937. Or in 1492.

Decades ago... and certainly hundreds of years ago... the idea of a ‘superior race’ still prevailed, (delusional-satanically) endowed by their creator with the right to subjugate all inferior races. This is the same claim of ZIONIST ISRAEL and its TWIN SLAVE CORPORATION, THE UNITED STATES INC., American Exceptionalism, Jew-ish Exceptionalism, the HUBRIS of LEGION Zombies.

This readily-accepted belief was the pretext of slavery and genocide taking place globally today.  

Even as recently as the early 1900s, there were entire fields of ‘science’ devoted to studying the technical differences among various races and drawing data-driven conclusions about superiority.

Phrenologists, for example, would take precise measurements of people’s skulls-- the circumference of the head, the ratio of forehead to eyebrow measurements, etc.-- and deduce the intellectual capacity and character traits of entire races.

Jews could not be trusted. Blacks and Asians were inferior. These assertions were based on ‘scientific evidence’, even in nations like Sweden, ESPECIALLY in the United Kingdom and United States.

Today we’re obviously more advanced than our ancestors were. We know that their science was complete bullshit, and our values are totally different.

There are entire movements now (particularly among university students) to remove statues, rename buildings, and re-designate holidays.

Frankly this is a pretty slippery slope. If we judge everyone throughout history based on our values today, we’ll never stop tearing down monuments.

Even someone as forward-thinking as Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. And that’s a LOT of elementary schools to rename.

More importantly, there will come a time in the future when our own descendants judge us harshly for our short-sighted values.

As example -today we have entire fields of ‘science’ that will truly bewilder future historians. Economics is one of them.

Our society awards some of its most distinguished prizes for intellectual achievement to economists who tell us that the path to prosperity is to print money, raise taxes, and go into debt.

Economists tell us that we can spend our way out of recession, borrow our way out of debt, and that there will never be any consequences from conjuring trillions of units of paper currency out of thin air.

They created a central banking system whereby an unelected committee of economists possesses nearly totalitarian control of the money supply… and hence the power to influence the price of EVERYTHING-- food, fuel, housing, utilities, financial markets, etc.

Economists have managed to convince the world that inflation, i.e. rising prices, is actually a GOOD thing… and that prices quadrupling and quintupling during the average person’s lifespan is ‘normal’.

They’ve also succeeded in making policy-makers terrified of deflation (falling prices) even though just about any rational individual would naturally prefer falling (or at least stable) prices to rising prices.

Economists make the most ridiculous assertions, like “The debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves...” as if it’s perfectly acceptable for the US government to default on its citizens.

Or that the US economy is so strong because the American consumer spends so much money, i.e. consumption (and not production) drives prosperity.

The public believes all this nonsense because NAZI LUCIFERIAN ‘scientists’ say it’s true.

The scientists also come up with fuzzy mathematics to support their assertions. Last Friday, for example, the Labor Department reported that the US economy lost 33,000 jobs in September.

Yet miraculously the unemployment rate actually declined, i.e. fewer people are unemployed despite there being fewer jobs in the economy.

None of this makes any sense. Fewer jobs means lower unemployment. Spend more money. Print more money. Borrow more money. Debt is wealth. Consumption is prosperity.

All of this is based on ‘science’ of Legion -  THE SERPENT PEOPLE.


The United States has TWO CONSTITUTIONS. The First (ORIGINAL) was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican “Crown” corporation in 1871.

Americans are living in a Slave Colony, operated by a foreign government corporation with Militarized Police ENFORCING the laws of the ruling Legion.



Not only did they conceal their ancient secret religion in the Great Seal of the United States, they also concealed it in the name of this nation. William Josiah Sutton, in his book entitled THE ILLUMINATI 666, added another very important piece of the puzzle to the story. He wrote this: "The ancient Mayans [meaning the Mayan Indian tribe] of the Yucatan in Mexico [a peninsula on the north east side of Mexico] worshipped the serpent god under the name of Can. Here we find the origin of our [American] word canny, shrewd or serpent like. The Babylonians worshipped Can, the serpent, and Vul, the god of fire. The Romans simply combined the words into Vul-can, the Roman god of fire, from whence comes our word Volcano.

The American people have been told by the majority of the historians who have examined this nation's past, that the name America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, supposedly the navigator for Christopher Columbus. But there is an alternative explanation.

William Still, on pages 45 and 46 of his book entitled NEW WORLD ORDER, offers the following explanation: "Even the name America may be the product of secret societies. In an '1895 edition of a magazine named LUCIFER, published by the occult Theosophical society, author James Pryse gave an interesting insight into the meaning of the word America.

He said that the supreme god of the Mayan culture of Central America, known as Quetzacoatl elsewhere, was known as Amaru [pronounced Uh mar oo] in Peru. Amaru's territory was known as Amaracu [Uh mar oo coo.] According to Pryse, from the latter comes the word America. Amaracu is literally translated land of the serpent.

Mr. Pryse was not the only one to make this claim. Robert B. Stacy-Mudd wrote a book entitled ATLANTIS, MOTHER OF EMPIRES, in which he attempts to make the claim that the Mayans came from the nation known as Atlantis, an island that allegedly sank during an earthquake. This is not the place to examine his charges, but he does draw another startling conclusion: "Quetzacoatl, the Toltec god, was known as Kulkulkan among the Mayas. In Peru he was known as Amaru. But both of these names have an identical meaning, i.e, the feathered serpent. From the Peruvian name comes Amaraca. (The reader can now understand why the head of the serpent on the walls of the Masonic Temple in Washington D.C. has wings. It is a "feathered serpent.")

Mr. Still adds one of the thoughts of another writer who claims to know the truth about the origins of the name America. (It is important to note that not only the people living in the United States of AMERICA are Americans. All of the people who live in the "New World" are Americans: the continents are called North America and South America, and regions are called Latin America, and Central America.) He writes: "... Manly Hall [in his book entitled AMERICA'S ASSIGNMENT] claims that since the serpent is frequently a symbol of Lucifer, it is no exaggeration to extrapolate from this that America may well mean land of Lucifer.

That revelation, that America was named after Amaru, another name for the feathered serpent god of part of Central America and South America, and that Amaru was another god concealing the worship of Lucifer inside its faith. That means that this nation's founding fathers knew that they were announcing THE BIRTH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER when they dedicated this nation to Lucifer, also known as Satan, or the devil!

They knew who America was named after! This is why they placed the great pyramid, a symbol of the temple of Lucifer worship, in the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. This is why they placed the eye of Osiris, a sun-god concealing a worship of Lucifer, above his "house" on the Reverse side of the Great Seal. This is why they waited to form this nation after there were 13 states. This is why they selected the American eagle as this nation's national bird.

They knew.

1. America was named after Lucifer.

2. America has a secret destiny.

3. That destiny is that America is going to lead the world into this secret destiny: a New World Order.


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I hope you remember me.  I'm a freelance television journalist based in the UK. I exchanged e-mails with you several years ago when I was at the BBC. 

I have recently been given a book contract by HarperCollins' Avon/Morrow division in the US to write a history of US-Israeli relations, 1980 to the present.  The provisional title is 'Redactedxxxx'.  One chapter will cover the experiences of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRedactedxxxxxxxxxx.

I have spent the last few years doing as you suggested and placing the material on timelines and putting it in its historical context which is what it's always needed.  I have also ensured that my focus is not Iraq or Libya, but rather the US-Israeli alliance and how what you experienced.

I'm writing because I would like the opportunity to quote you in the book in certain places and I wish to avoid any copyright concerns that you may have. 

I wondered if I could run some material past you in the next few weeks and months?

Yours sincerely,

Redacted xxxxxxx


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I sent the e-mail below about six weeks ago.

I understand if you do not wish to talk about the past any longer given the upset you have been caused, however, I hope that you will recognise that this writing project is a solid opportunity for something approaching history to be told without you having to be in the front line, as you were in 1991. 

I've attached a PDF file of the first page of my contract with HarperCollins via my agent, xxxRedactedxxx  at the Waxman Literary Agency in New York.  You can call him on 212 xxxredactedxxx.  Mr. Waxman is Jewish but he's not a spook nor are any of his staff to the best of my knowledge.

Body Redactedxxxxxx.......... 

When you and I exchanged e-mails a few years ago when I was at the BBC, I went away and checked on the huge number of facts and allegations which you have put in the public domain.  It all checked out. 

I then put together a proposal for a historical narrative which looks at how and why the United States and Israel cooperate.......Redacted xxxxxxx
At times this leads to spying on each other.  I wish to show that the 'rules of the game' involve spying redactedxxxx.  

xxxxRedactedxxcxx.  How much did he know about all those Israelis around him and what their true agenda was?

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I am also looking to quote you in places, but I would also be happy to source such material anonymously if it helped avoid any more aggravation for you.

COMES NOW the United States of America, by and through the undersigned United States Attorney, and requests this Honorable Court to SEAL the (WAR  POWERS) Search Warrant and Affidavit (for Search) attached hereto.... NOVEMBER-15, 1990.

Peter Kawaja's evidence was SEALED as U.S. National Security in 1990, and remains so to this very day ! They took it by force, eight men with automatic weapons, under a Presidential Order: THE INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY ECONOMIC WAR POWERS ACT, before Desert Storm, during Desert Shield, and placed American Forces IN HARMS WAY to accomplish; "The Mission". 


Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Special Report .... H. Peter Kawaja, Larry Kay Jack M. Keller Charles C. Kelley John R. Kelly ...  www.gulflink.osd.mil/gwvi/appi.html

Bush announces the start of the ground war in Kuwait, ... Joyce Riley pretends to be in love with Peter Kawaja to steal gulf war syndrome Evidence ... article.wn.com/.../WNAT3d1dab1d9b9227d689a52bfc496470a1/ -



Prussian Blue & The New World Order


The Colonizing of Planet Earth
Changing DNA of humans
The real weapon of mass Human extinction

Can the Alien seed survive in a Nuclear environment which a human cannot?

The Book of Eli

The Book of Samuel

The Book of Enoch

The Book of Kawaja


Chronicles the extraordinary history and lives of the entity known in the West as Peter Kawaja/K(h)awaja

In this century, we first come across his presence as a young boy, born on the Isle of St. Christopher (Columbus), known today as St. Kitts, formerly (Bee-Wee) British West Indies. The Book follows his experiences growing up on "the island" and his Father's move to Canada, then to the UNITED STATES of The Americas.

Discovery and early times

The recorded history of St. Kitts begins with the second voyage in 1493 of Christopher Columbus who sailed past the island but did not land (yes he did). There is some doubt as to whether he named the island after himself, or after the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher.  From a distance, Columbus thought the island resembled the shape of St. Christopher carrying the Christ child on his shoulder. In any case, by the time the Englishman Thomas Warner arrived with fourteen other settlers in 1624 to found the first non-Spanish European colony in the Caribbean, the island was known as St. Christopher's. It was only later that it was affectionately nicknamed St Kitts.

A history of quite contradictions

From its early settlement by Europeans, every religious conviction found fertile soil on the island of St. Kitts. Besides the many reform movements of Christianity, the tiny island made room for Jewish and Catholic worship, as well as Free Masonry. St. Kitts was the home of one of the oldest Jewish Temples and oldest Masonic Temples in the Caribbean. However, the plantocracy of the island had little tolerance for the few islanders who were staunch advocates of abolishment, and at least two of the most influential abolitionists were forced to leave the island.

St. Kitts Sugar Factory

During the 18th century St. Kitts and Nevis were among the finest jewels of the Caribbean sugar colonies, and today on St. Kitts sugar is still a major crop. This modern factory, which replaced the island's local stone sugar mills, is supplied by means of a small highland railway circuit. St. Kitts sugar is still renowned for its exceptional quality, and this sugar factory also produces rum and Cane Spirits Rothschild (CSR), a fine sugarcane liquor developed by Baron Edmond de Rothschild.


 [ this is excerpt]

The St. Christopher Heritage Society has been reliably informed that the building at the bottom of Church Street, often referred to as The Kawaja Building and which was purchased by the Social Security Board, is scheduled to be soon demolished and replaced by a structure that will incorporate the present Social Security Building.

Plans for the proposed building have not been made public, but it is understood that the brief given to architects called for demolition of the building rather than adaptation of the existing structure into a new design.

[Profound - relative to what is happening in the Middle East today]

On September 14th  2004, a letter was written to the Prime Minister by the St. Christopher Heritage Society asking that he intervene in this decision. It stated,  “This building is included in the proposed Historic District of Basseterre, a project that your own Physical Planning Unit is now working on as part of an Urban Revitalization Programme for the island and which is significant for the future of Basseterre.

Apart from the remarkable stonework on its façade, it is one of the three remaining structures in the city that possess a cupola, a feature that was characteristic of Basseterre in times past.

 It is part of  the  fabric  of  the  town  and  one  of  the  buildings  so  admired  by  visitors  to  our  island.  For  a  national  institution  such as the Social Security Board to be involved in the destruction of such an important building is of great concern and does not augur well for preservation efforts of our country.”

The letter went on to say:   “Mr.  Prime  Minister,  our  built  heritage  is  an  important  resource  of  the  country  and  like  any  other  resource  must be conserved and used in a sustainable way for the economic benefit of all.

National institutions must be part  of  that  effort  and  should  not  be  allowed  to  desecrate  the  integrity  of  what  forms  part  of  our  identity  as  a  People.  We  therefore  look  to  you,  as  leader  of  our  country,  to  ensure  that  our  Heritage  is  respected  and  promoted in a manner that benefits our nation.”

In 1998 a Building Survey was conducted of a proposed Basseterre Historic District by a group of volunteer architects  from  the  Miami  based  Caribbean  Volunteers  Expeditions  working  with  members  of  the  Chamber  of  Commerce’s  Beautiful  Basseterre  Committee,  the  St.  Christopher  Heritage  Society  and  some  local  architects  with  a view  to  identifying  the  truly  historically  authentic  buildings  in  downtown  Basseterre.  The  Kawaja  building  received a top ranking of #1. While it is likely that the wooden part of the building might be affected by termites there are ways of treating such a problem - the ground floor which is constructed with cut stone can be saved and the building restored for a variety of commercial and other uses.  

The St. Christopher Heritage Society wishes to bring this matter to the attention of the general public in the hope that voices will be raised against the destruction of this building. We stand firm in the belief that our architectural heritage must be carefully preserved along with the other physical and intangible manifestations of our patrimony and the Kawaja building is an example of this legacy.

FactS, Fiction, or  Memorex, expounded within The Book



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