Truth At Last:
The Assassination of Martin Luther King

THE US - Government / M. I. C.

Dr. William Pepper


On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered a passionate speech at Riverside Church in New York staking out his opposition to the war in Vietnam. One year later to the day, he was assassinated. Now, 50 years after that fateful day, the truth about the assassination of Dr. King can finally be told.


Although there are untold videos and Holly-Wood movies which almost parallel the History of my life, this one is relevant to me, that one day, some 50 years later, another Dr. Pepper will finally out the truth behind Operation Desert Storm, the MIC/Shadow Government's CRUCIBLE (Blood Sacrifice) of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


Perhaps only then will the world remember my name. The World does not know who he is, what Peter Kawaja has done for them.


The following statement (bullet list) does not absolve Israeli complicity:


set or declare (someone) free from blame, guilt, or responsibility.
"the pardon absolved them of any crimes"
synonyms: exonerate, discharge, acquit, vindicate;
  • It was an Israeli Agent who warned me the CIA/Deep State wanted to silence me by death

  • The hard liners ZOG had a backup plan to blame "Jews" / Israel for killing US Service Members in Desert Storm (the world's foremost Mycoplasma Expert lived in Israel)

  • The US would also steer blame on Russia re-NOVICHUCK (see 2018 current Redux)

  • The US & ISRAEL are really at ODDS with each other - at times BLACKMAILING each other

  • Israeli Intelligence made Kawaja an offer to protect him - move to Israel and work for their largest Security Firm

  • Unlike the MLK Assassination, the US found out too late that Kawaja's wife who worked at one of "the" largest Security Companies which had digitizing equipment and an 18 Million Dollar/year travel budget using private aircraft able to bypass US CUSTOMS - flew Kawaja's originals out of the US for safekeeping in the hands of xxx - unknown who to Kawaja so he could not be terrorized to disclose, nor threat of harm to family members

  • Taped secretly by Kawaja - the US made sure he knew why they killed his wife and threatened "we will slit your fucking throat", do not try Bush in the court of public opinion

  • We have been in a Mexican Standoff all these years, they have not been able to find where Eileen took the large stash of hard paper, video and audio recordings, the reason Kawaja is still alive today

  • In order to keep the LIES going, the US ZOG Shadow Governent has used through a CIA Line Authority/the IRS to maintain/renew BOGUS IRS Liens against Kawaja for the last 30 years making sure he does not have the funds to continue the Law Suit Kawaja filed against the US - charging the Administration with TREASON, WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA. At the same time making sure Kawaja was kept at the poverty level, starving in an open air prison all these years, using the IRS to destroy his credit and ability to be gainfully employed.

  • The cover-up is ongoing in order to suppress the massive amount of US political world war crimes since 1990 including the Global WAR OF TERROR which will culminate in WWIII Nuclear & Biological War - TEOTWAWKI   

  • NOTE reference the image below - I filed my War Crimes Suit in 1994


In addition to the United States DOD who certified and validated Kawaja's evidence making him their "STAR WITNESS" but the Deep State sealed it as US National Security, several prominent lawyers reviewed some of the (War Crimes) documentation. A few bowed out using lame excuses even after stating Kawaja had "cause" (could win). The OJ Dream Team, and even Attorney Gerry Spence sent a "kind letter". The Miami Lawyer who won an 8 Million Dollar Suit against the CIA (IRAN CONTRA - OCTOBER SURPRISE) Eugene H. Hasenfus who reviewed my Suit - who I met in person and delivered the documentation, after he said he had to check with certain people - stated he "could not withstand another IRS audit" which CIA put him through.


WACO Attorney Linda Thompson went further, stating publicly: Kawaja's Documentation is UNIMPEACHABLE. She moved to Florida when Kawaja came back from NC.

(Author of below emails - LindaThompson)

"Military Intelligence has the best whores money can buy.  Most (claimed) patriotic Radio & Internet sites have been bought out and now controlled by your Oppressors".

Email below: from Wes Thomas to Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson outed Riley publicly:   (so did William Cooper - BEHOLD A PALE HORSE)


You said: in the now well-worn tactic of putting out a phoney "expert" on the information, to lead people astray (Joyce Riley). Whoa, are you saying Joyce Riley is a disinfo op? Can you amplify? This is major news. I wondered about her connection to the Art Bell show. Let me know if your response can be posted. I'd like to get more info on this. I emailed Peter for his documentation. He's a little wordy and hard to follow but his information, especially hard documentation, is excellent.


To: Wes Thomas
From: (Linda Thompson)
Subject: Re: Joyce Riley

You can publish it all day long. Every indication is Joyce Riley is not only a paid whore, I have other information that the people she works with are (1) military intelligence and (2) were involved with some major terrorism in this country.
When Peter Kawaja came out with his information, it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get it out anywhere. I tried and Kawaja had his house burned down for his troubles. His documentation is unimpeachable.

Kind regards,

Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson Attorney at Law Chairman, American Justice Federation
Remember Waco. The Murderers are still free (and running YOUR country).
As for Art Bell, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Most of the "patriot" radio stations and programs are GONE. They have been purchased, in EVERY case, by groups with military intelligence backgrounds and connections. What is left is a phoney bunch of whores.
Kind regards, Linda Thompson
Dr. Linda Thompson, Attorney at Law
Chairman, American Justice Federation


THE US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DOD) itself opened a separate Case under Kawaja's Name and then President Clinton had to address it by The Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC) on Gulf Illness but the package sent to DOD from THE WHITE HOUSE by Hillary Clinton (who had an office there - I sent to her for Bill Clinton) somehow the entire package did not make it to the DOD, or xxx.

Unknown and unacknowledged (but Kawaja has documentation and lawyer's letter) the US ATTORNEY GENERAL (Mueller) Commanded (in writing and verbally) Kawaja to be on a Hot Line direct to The Joint Chiefs and CENTCOM at the commencement of Operation Desert Storm (when firing began) to advise - the details are for a WAR CRIMES (NUREMBERG STYLE) TRIAL. 

My question: is there any decent (oxymoron) Lawyer/Law Firm anywhere in the world who has the smarts and balls to take on the US Deep State?  [ Any patriotic CIA left? ]

It would be your last trial but the reward even monetarily will set you for life.

FRANKLY SCARLET - I am amiss why Israel hasn't produced a Jewish Lawyer to take my case, which would be a feather in Israel's cap, the information could make Israel look good :)  (absolution) much less I am willing to donate $5 Billion Dollars to Israel from my case for US Veterans and Humanity in the amount of $72 BILLION DOLLARS.

You Know the US would settle - it would never be aired publicly (sadly) GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS, time for payback.  I would give unprecedented cooperation - you haven't heard it all.





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