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My dissatisfaction (kind word) is with would-be government officials
who have violated their Oath Of Office
betraying American Service Members
And have been serving pre Desert Storm from Vietnam to current day.

If Supporting Our Troops more than flag waving offends you - don't return.
The Truth sometimes hurts, its called Tough Love;






Below document was posted on the CDC website in 2005 by the CDC.
Only found by searching the CDC site for the name: Peter Kawaja
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page

Search Results You searched for: Peter Kawaja

OCSO - OPHR - CDC's Research Agenda - Starter List Comments
Research is needed to define what structure provides the greatest positive impact on population health. 04/15/2005 08:00 PU 347 C


The most heinous, bone chilling and evil piece of this puzzle has been revealed to the world by an American hero named Peter Kawaja, who worked in the late 1980’s as a security and counter terrorism expert for the United States government (a service for which he has been rewarded with the murder of his wife, torching of his home, issuance of a War Powers Act search warrant to (they thought) confiscate all his evidence, illegal IRS liens on all subsequent income, and multiple attempts on his own life, all funded by your tax dollars). Please go to and read some of the 34 counts that Mr. Kawaja brought against the domestic traitors to America (in both their individual and governmental capacities) in a federal lawsuit in which the perpetrators, again, used your tax dollars to hire themselves attorneys from the Department of “Justice” whose defense of their war criminal clients was that they are “immune, under color of law[10]”.

These charges also surround covert counter-terrorism activities in a lawsuit brought by Peter Kawaja and the International Security Group, Inc., (1994) as Plaintiffs v. various [named] Agents (agencies/US attorneys etc) of the U.S. Government and 100 John Does (Bush Administration). The charges laid in Kawaja's suit have never been refuted by the accused. Instead, the United States Government made a determination to appoint the US Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants, thereby admitting to the criminalities (and guilt). This decision to appoint "government" attorneys and the U.S. Attorney's Office to represent the Defendants was made after an initial response to the Plaintiff (Kawaja) filing Suit, and places these individuals, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and defend against terrorists (whether foreign or domestic) into the defendant’s box as well.  

If you do nothing, before long highly trained Special Operations commandos with state of the art weaponry will be used in the U.S. to “execute quarantine and certain health laws”, including the Model State Health Emergency Powers Act passed in all states where, following another domestically perpetrated biological scare (such as the anthrax mailings to the Congress), a solution in the form of a vaccine will be offered only to those who will accept the national ID chip being injected into them. All others will be considered a danger and threat to society, hunted down, and imprisoned in concentration camps already built or be killed. Americans will welcome this solution, and turn in their neighbors or friends in order to survive themselves. This was all predicted by Peter Kawaja in 1994 when he wrote “The Saddest Chapter of America’s History”.

Explain to the public why the CDC did not educate the public on the HCV epidemic after learning of it's wide spread potential and the largest population infected were the blood transfused.
Also explain to the public why the CDC did not establish an early warning system after the HIV/AIDS
epidemic was funded by congress so that this would never happen again or if it happened again, through the early warning system we could educate the public and slow the spread and/or identify the population potentially infected?
Governments failure has cost lives and we still have no "honest" public education on this issue. Instead we do have a CDC integrated plan that would conveniently integrate HCV into HIV/AIDS programs therefore again, adding salt to the wound;
misleading the public as to their real risk factors (either a drug abuser or MSM) and turn away any potential questioning of the governments role in the spread of this epidemic.






Internet trials to be soon held against those guilty of crimes against humanity by inoculation with disease on INTERNET RADIO BROADCASTS 11P-1AM MON-FRI EST






Regardless of what management says about developing a research agenda, many laboratory researchers believe that our days are numbered here at CDC. Laboratorians are being told to stop work on innovative basic research projects. We are being told that our role is to only support epi studies. Research will be done by the NIH. In light of the dismal state of HIV vaccines, it is obvious that we need to encourage thinking outside the box to solve this problem as well as the problem of emerging infectious diseases. When you stop allowing the labs to do cutting edge research, you will loose the abiltity to respond to new threats. We must keep our labs up to date with the newest technologies and encourage basic research ideas. I think it is great to develop specific priorites and goals for research but we must remain open to new ideas as they come along. This developing agenda must continue to evolve over time. It is hard to believe that management is serious about supporting "research agendas" in light of the day to day decisions that are being made.






As before (and seems always) these strategies are exclusively “REactive” and seem to address only the known/notifiable/occurring diseases in areas where human population is already exposed and “suffering” . This is good, necessary, extremely important, but as before leaves us totally unprepared for any upcoming events and changes. What we need is a PROactive strategy that would tell us what to expect and where before humans are actually start falling sick. New lands are being developed; urban sprawl puts people ever closer to the nature (I love leaving in suburbs); large areas are being deforested or reforested; vector and reservoir species compositions are changing ... I could go on and on. If we new 20 years ago what we know today about natural cycle and foci of Lyme disease, would it have such an impact on the nation as it have had? Or would we be able to prepare for the effects of reforestation and = prevent the “pandemic” at least partially? Well, currently Amblyomma americanum is on the move and spreading allover and very quickly, exceeding in abundance the existing ticks in many areas. Do we know what these ticks carry, what they can transmit, how they affect the existing vertebrate, vector and pathogen communities? Are we prepared for a “pandemic” of STARI (or like) allover the Country? Exotic ticks (and files I am sure) are being imported into the Country, and some of those are getting a firm footing here. Are we/public/doctors prepared to prevent, recognize, and treat hartwater, African tick fever, CCHF, or is it going to be another thunder from a seemingly blue sky? And these are just the most apparent threats. In short, we need a strategy and a system (something like a network of perpetual monitoring stations) to monitor the natural foci regardless of the presence or absence of an already suffering human 

Dr. Mary's MonkeyDoctor Mary’s Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy


In Lies We Trust

Me & Lee Harvey Oswald: How the Kennedy Assassination Plot Began in New Orleans

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) was a prolific English writer, philosopher and visionary who authored 47 books.  He’s best known for his novel “Brave New World” which describes a perfect dictatorship. He wrote the book in 1931 before Hitler and Stalin rose to infamy, yet what he depicted skipped over WWII and may describe the United States today.

Huxley said the perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of democracy but would be a prison without walls, an enchanting place from which nobody would wish to escape. Through entertainment and consumption he said the slaves “would love their servitude.”

It’s interesting that Huxley died on November 22, 1963, the day President Kennedy and dreams of Camelot died.


2015 - In a nation intended to be a shining example of freedom, a massive number of individuals waste their time, and indeed their life energy, in the pursuit of pleasurable distractions.  They quite literally twitter away their lives on electronic games and superficial social communications.

When not so engaged, they shop and dine and shop some more or remain transfixed before TV screens, movie screens and corporate sponsored games.

Too many people are so satiated with carnal pleasures and mesmerizing distractions that few are standing guard to protect themselves from tyranny – tyranny from within and without the nation.

Every single person needs to be doing something to take back the freedoms that have been lost and to preserve the freedoms that remain.  No matter how diligently those in the heavens, be they spiritual or physical, work to establish utopian goals upon the Earth, it is all for naught if humankind does not strive for them too.

Daniel Ellsberg

Today, it is easier to understand how the criminal Cabal operates by how they have demonized many others, from WACO through 9/11, but specifically in cases of people like me (Peter Kawaja) from: Daniel Ellsberg through Julian Assange and lately, Edward Snowden. Guardian Front Page








anti-imperialism is the opposition to colonialism, colonial empire, and imperialism. As such, anti-imperialism includes opposition to wars of conquest, especially wars meant to conquer and colonise countries whose territories do not border the imperial power, and wars meant to subjugate peoples of different cultures; the term also comprises political opposition to the territorial expansion of a country beyond its established borders.[1]

anti-imperialism includes opposition to wars of conquest, especially wars meant to conquer and colonise countries whose territories do not border the imperial power, and wars meant to subjugate peoples of different cultures; the term also comprises political opposition to the territorial expansion of a country beyond its established borders





Jim Tuite-Reigel Report-Andrew Colesanti


Jackie Patru - Joyce Riley







Consequences of a War State



An ecotourism group goes missing from the wilds of Borneo, only to turn up dead, their bodies ravaged by a mysterious virus. But there's something sinister about the manner in which they died. An accidental infection is out of the question. An experiment?

When the forces of nature meet the devious mind of man, a genetically engineered virus is created combining the lethality of the Ebola virus with the ease of spread of the common cold.

The result: the perfect biological weapon.




COMES NOW the United States of America, by and through the undersigned United States Attorney, and requests this Honorable Court to SEAL the (WAR  POWERS) Search Warrant and Affidavit (for Search) attached hereto.... NOVEMBER-15, 1990.

(Peter Kawaja's evidence was SEALED as U.S. National Security in 1990, and remains so to this very day ! They took it by force, eight men with automatic weapons, under a Presidential Order: THE INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY ECONOMIC WAR POWERS ACT, before Desert Storm, during Desert Shield, and placed American Forces IN HARMS WAY to accomplish; "The Mission". 


Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Special Report .... H. Peter Kawaja Larry Kay Jack M. Keller Charles C. Kelley John R. Kelly ...

Bush announces the start of the ground war in Kuwait, ... Joyce Riley pretends to be in love with Peter Kawaja to steal gulf war syndrome Evidence ... -

+44 2935 621 740 office
+44 7148 418 582 mobile
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 3:40 PM
Subject: Contact Re: Book for HarperCollins (2006)

I hope you remember me.  I'm a freelance television journalist based in the UK. I exchanged e-mails with you several years ago when I was at the BBC. 
I have recently been given a book contract by HarperCollins' Avon/Morrow division in the US to write a history of US-Israeli relations, 1980 to the present.  The provisional title is 'Redactedxxxx'.  One chapter will cover the experiences of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRedactedxxxxxxxxxx.
I have spent the last few years doing as you suggested and placing the material on timelines and putting it in its historical context which is what it's always needed.  I have also ensured that my focus is not Iraq or Libya, but rather the US-Israeli alliance and how what you experienced.
I'm writing because I would like the opportunity to quote you in the book in certain places and I wish to avoid any copyright concerns that you may have. 
I wondered if I could run some material past you in the next few weeks and months?
Yours sincerely,

Redacted xxxxxxx

From: Redacted []
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 10:50 AM
To: PeterKawaja@AGWVA
Subject: Contact Re: Book for HarperCollins (2006)


I sent the e-mail below about six weeks ago.

I understand if you do not wish to talk about the past any longer given the upset you have been caused, however, I hope that you will recognise that this writing project is a solid opportunity for something approaching history to be told without you having to be in the front line, as you were in 1991. 

I've attached a PDF file of the first page of my contract with HarperCollins via my agent, xxxRedactedxxx  at the Waxman Literary Agency in New York.  You can call him on 212 xxxredactedxxx.  Mr Waxman is Jewish but he's not a spook nor are any of his staff to the best of my knowledge.

Body Redactedxxxxxx.......... 

When you and I exchanged e-mails a few years ago when I was at the BBC, I went away and checked on the huge number of facts and allegations which you have put in the public domain.  It all checked out. 

I then put together a proposal for a historical narrative which looks at how and why the United States and Israel cooperate.......Redacted xxxxxxx
At times this leads to spying on each other.  I wish to show that the 'rules of the game' involve spying redactedxxxx.  

xxxxRedactedxxcxx.  How much did he know about all those Israelis around him and what their true agenda was?

As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I am also looking to quote you in places, but I would also be happy to source such material anonymously if it helped avoid any more aggravation for you.






In 1997 there were 8 MILLION LINKS TO MY NAME
your oppressors made sure they got deleted over the years


US Government Admits Lyme Disease Is A Bioweapon

Jan 10, 2006 - Peter Kawaja did charge the US with WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST ... Wasn't it Peter Kawaja who was undercover at the Plant in Boca ... 

List of suppressed videos available on Google Video? - Stormfront › ... › History & Revisionism › 9/11 Truth    List of suppressed videos

Stormfront  Nov 28, 2006 - Deceiving and being deceived - exposing the new age lie - Peter ..... The truth about Joyce Riley-according to Peter Kawaja BAD MASTER 816.

COMPLAINTS BOARD - Hanoi Joyce Riley

…………And as part of his cover, Dave vonKleist seems to always have Prussians come to his aid. . . Ron Paul (a Prussian), Von Bulow (a German who was supporting the stupid pod claim, but opps, he is the head of German Intelligence), and what the heck, even Glen Beck from CNN comes to interview Dave vonKleist when necessary. . . wasn't there a General Beck who was a Nazi who supported Hitler also?). Dave vonKleist's family is old world, New World Order.

For a story that will really blow your mind, go to "" Also go to and for more on his wife, "Hanoi Joyce Riley, " go to



Peter Kawaja: Exposes Gulf War Disease Facts for Veterans ...

Sep 7, 1999 - Dear Citizens, Patriots, Veterans, and Peter Kawaja: Dear Peter: I have just sent out your treatise to my 32,8709+ readers, 19,000 of which……


(sent to USCMike1's 32,901+ readers - Please repost to your own mailing lists
and newsgroups - Thanks)

  Dear Citizens, Patriots, Veterans, and Peter Kawaja:

Dear Peter:  

  I have just sent out your treatise to my 32,8709+ readers, 19,000 of which
are U.S. Veterans.  Can you send me the real story about the GWS-GWD so I can
inform my readers and Veterans so we can do something constructive about
their disease.  I spoke with a Dr. Goss on the phone in Oklahoma who has been
treating GWS victims, many of whom did NOT go to the Gulf.  Both classes of
victims, those deployed in the Gulf and those who did not go gave their wives
and children the diseases and even Dr. Goss contracted GWS by treating these
Veteran victims.  

   Dr. Goss gave the disease to his wife and children too.  But Dr. Goss has
come up with a treatment that eliminates the organisms to the point that no
instrumentation can even detect them anymore, although they know the
organisms are hiding somewhere inside the body but just inactive.  However,
most of the symptoms are relieved and gone.

   Evidently there are numerous cocktail mixes of different organisms
involved in GWS but one in particular is the Mycoplasm fermentans.  Normally,
the Mycoplasm organism is the smallest bacterium in existence but slightly
larger than a virus.  But the difference is that Mycoplasm has NO CELL WALL
like all other bacteria do, as it only has a membrane.

   However, this new species of Mycoplasm has a special protective structure
around it and they have called it Mycoplasm fermentans.

   However, this new organism has been determined that it is not natural and
was genetically engineered.  The protective coating they discovered is the
protein protective coating from the capsule of the HIV-AIDS virus.

   Now there are numerous military personnel and officers/pilot who refuse to
be innoculated with any vaccine, especially, the Anthrax vaccine.  So some
are quitting the service and others are being court martialed.

   I don't really need to tell you any of this cuz you probably know it all
but I am doing it for the benefit of my readers and the Veterans who may read

   So if you could send me whatever info you have on the GWS and about how
the gov and military has been lying about it all this time I will send it out
to my readers and Veterans and maybe we can rally support for your position.

Best regards, USCMike1

In a message dated 9/6/99 4:55:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Subj:     Fwd: Reply to Jeff - GULF VETERANS DO HAVE RECOURSE
 Date:  9/6/99 4:55:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time
 From: (Charles F. Nawrocki)
 File:  ReplytoJ.txt (22598 bytes)
 DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute
 This is a must read for every one. There is no ramping and raving, just
 straight forward facts. It is never to late to do the right thing. How many
 more cover ups must there be before we wake up to the fact, of what is
 going on?
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SENT FYI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 }From: "Peter Kawaja" <>
 }To: <>
 }Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 19:13:20 -0400
 }X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 8.5, Build 4.71.2173.0
 }Importance: Normal
 }Hello Jeff - this will be but a very brief reply.
 }Most of you on this list never heard of me, matter of fact most veterans
 }still do not know who I am.
 }Well really, I'm no one famous - but I've had a message for all Gulf
 }Veterans since 1990 BEFORE
 }operation Desert Storm. The problem is, YOUR enemy, the one's who
 }perpetrated GWI known as GWS, which is a mouthfull to address in one
 }email, made sure after the Murrah Building Bombing that they would have
 }"their boy" as YOUR spokesperson, and give their boy all the money and
 }access to the proper media for coverage to get the other side of their
 }word out to you.
 }If you do not know, evidence was taken from me at gunpoint under a WAR
 }POWERS ACT Search Warrant in 1990, and sealed as US NATIONAL SECURITY to
 }this very day. In 1991 my wife was killed, in 1994 I filed a Law Suit
 }charging TREASON & WAR CRIMES, Crimes when death occurs, etc. The US
 }Government appointed their powerful US Attorneys to defend AT TAXPAYER
 }EXPENSE - all Federal Defendants.
 }They pled for IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION - "even if they committed these
 }Misconduct", under color of law.   My Law Suit would have broke open the
 }floodgates for veterans everywhere. In March of 1995 just two weeks before
 }Murrah (VA - Hard Files / Vaccine records etc - where an active duty
 }military was executed for helping me track them down) the DOD quickly
 }opened a Case under my name 95L95724 and sent me notification of same on
 }their blue letterhead, that they received some of the evidence from
 }President Clinton.
 }In acutality, some of that evidence was from Hillary's office where I sent
 }some of it directly to Dr. Diana Zuckerman who was working out of there
 }for a while. Their case pretending to help me, was to stall me.
 }Magically out of the ashes of the Murrah Building, a person named Joyce
 }Riley, also known as Joyce Thompson, Riley, Riddell, VonKleist - appeared
 }stating she wanted to help me expose the Gulf War Syndrome issue. I had
 }been putting out information for years, had appeared on ABC Nightline with
 }Koppel and my wife then killed (1991), and now my own law suit as the
 }Plaintiff was ON THE BOOKS. They now had to do something because I was
 }getting the word out via the Fax Networks during those early days before
 }using the Internet.  Joyce Riley claimed she had a talk show NURSE TALK
 }RADIO on nurses issues and heard about me and wanted to help me (lie). I
 }made an apearance on her show and all hell broke loose. Riley however was
 }NOT what she appeared to be and I broke away from her after doing one
 }speaking engagement back in 1995.
 }When I did not go along with the plan - to blame it all on Saddam, they
 }made Riley YOUR spokesperson.
 }So-called Patriot Media black listed me, and Riley was promoted as the
 }person who did all the research and claimed she had the evidence - The
 }Riegel Report, as to why Vets were sick. This report was actually by Jim
 }Tuite, and is a ruse LIKE RILEY - and nothing to do with Senator Riegel,
 }he was USED. He was lied to and misled, and the Riegel Report used to
 }explain why vets got sick. THAT is why at the stroke of a pen in 1994,
 }Congress changed all the stats by saying that unless you were in the
 }theatre of operations you could NOT have GWS, seeing that by then / before
 }that, thousands had already beeen diagnosed with same symptoms as having
 }PGS. In other words READ CAREFULLY - you cannot get on the PGS registry as
 }having GWS/GWI unless you were in the theatre because it would mean it
 }wasn't Saddam, and according to the Riegle Report which they pushed on you
 }via "the Nurse", it had to be Saddam and his Scuds. If hundreds of
 }thousands of vets who were NOT in the theatre of operations got on the
 }record as having PGS/GWS - it would throw out the Reigle Report, and YOU
 }would have a clue as to where else to start looking. It was easier to deny
 }you, to allow you to siffer and die off, to allow YOUR FAMILY to DIE OFF.
 }Just don't allow you on the records, and keep in fornt of you - someone
 }telling you they were your hero, they were exposing the government selling
 }biologicals to Iraq, telling you the Riegel Report proved all this and the
 }government was covering it up. So WHAT did you believe? You believed there
 }WAS a cover up, but you were looking in the wrong place !
 }LONG STORY - events all surrounding the release of some of my evidence and
 }Murrah, then President Clinton announced the Presidential Advisory
 }Committee on GWS.
 }There are MANY who remember those first years - who heard what Joyce Riley
 }had to say back then and what she has been saying since 1996 - NOT the
 }same story. There exists video footage of her telling you a different
 }story and WHERE "she" learned the truth about the Gulf War. Not the case
 }today. Riley actively suppressed evidence and actively sought to cover up
 }and to destory me and my information so veterans would not hear the truth
 }and get behind my law suit. I was the person who formed the American Gulf
 }War Veterans Association, came up with the Name, and put together the
 }first three Newsletters. We used Rileys phone numbers in Texas and when I
 }broke away - demanded via certified mail that she cease and desist. She
 }refused to sign for the mail (I have the Green tickets) and I could not
 }change the phone number with the Phone Company.
 }Since that time, all you have heard is ONE side of a story. The EXPERT and
 }the EVIDENCE is a farce.
 }You cannot prosecute anyone with what Joyce Riley has been SELLING for
 }almost 5 years. And that is why she never opened a class action suit on
 }your behalf because she has NO EVIDENCE that is Prosecutable.
 }There were many Gulf Veterans who may be dead now, who could make a
 }difference. BUT all they heard was her phone numbers and her on PAYtriot
 }radio and at the shows.
 }Riley began SOLICITING any evidence that these veterans had - I still have
 }her literature that she was putting out and her tapes. I was receiving
 }letters and calls form veterans who had FIRST heard of me and what she
 }USED to say - but they did not know for almost a year that I was NOT
 }She was putting it out to send the evidence to AGWVA, and Veterans thought
 }that Peter Kawaja was receiving THEIR evidence.
 }There is so much YOU do not know!
 }Anyone who called in to a radio show to ask her what happened to Peter
 }Kawaja and why she changed her story was NOT allowed to get on the air.
 }Over the years several people have tried to help, but their lives and
 }children were threatened to be raped and murdered. Some of these are Chuck
 }& Julianne Hamden, Christian Tulius, Nurse Abbie Bakaric, to include Roger
 }Bear Young of the NW Veterans Association who posted a message to the Vet
 }Center calling for open debate between Joyce Riley and Peter Kawaja.
 }There is a way - and don't ask me to explain it in detail via the Internet
 }- THAT was one of Riley's objectives.
 }She can SELL you evidence because it is not evidence. I cannot sell you
 }evidence that is REAL.
 }It can only be used in a WAR CRIMES TRIAL, and I one day hope to have the
 }opportunity to place her on the witness stand along with a whole slew of
 }Too many veterans fell in love with her, she IS good. It is understandable
 }as humans, but sad - that once you BELIEVE in someone, once you ONLY HEAR
 }THEIR VOICE  and you believe in your heart that the person is out there
 }trying to help you (you don't see or hear anyone else doing anything for
 }you (NOW DO YOU KNOW WHY AND HOW SLICK THIS IS- so you ONLY heard her?) -
 }that later on, when someone else comes along and tells you hey - that
 }person is not telling you like it is - YOU will be OFFENDED and you will
 }stand behind her even more. It is human nature to NOT want to think you
 }That was their plan - you think today (as others thought in 1996, 1997,
 }1998) that I was the newbie, that Peter Kawaja was just jealous of Joyce
 }Riley (THAT is what she and they put out and it worked), because SHE is
 }the one who was first to help you - BUT THAT IS A LIE!
 }Joyce Riley did no more than a few hours of research - it is on TAPE. She
 }has LIED to you ALL THESE YEARS, and she represents the agenda herself and
 }of the enemy.
 }In FACT - I was the person they had to silence so they could bring forth
 }their "credible" MOUTHPIECE. That is why all these years NOTHING has been
 }done to help veterans, because you all have followed the Pied Piper
 }off the cliff, not knowing there was something else that could help you.
 }THERE STILL IS. Yes, there is no statute of limitations on WAR CRIMES. You
 }have been VICTIMIZED not just at/during Operation Desert Storm but AFTER -
 }via the PAC's, via "The Nurse".
 }The government cannot today claim there is no substance to my evidence or
 }say the tapes are missing ala WACO, seeing they took it under a WAR POWERS
 }ACT search warrant PRIOR TO (what was going to happen to you) anyone being
 }injured. Instead of making it public THEY SEALED IT - and went ahead with
 }the war and with their vaccine program.  INTENT not ACCIDENT is a BIG
 }You just do not have a clue as to where all this leads right now.
 }Most all of the Gulf Veterans Associations were infiltrated with CIA and
 }CIA companies gave them computers and their web sites were MANNED BY CIA
 }!!!  Red MY lips  not George Bush's.
 }You have but a drop in the bucket of the real story - it has been
 }SUPPRESSED BY JOYCE RILEY as their mouthpiece.
 }Gulf Veterans need to stand up like the War Heros YOU ARE. You were
 }Americas Finest, do not let your memory and your children DIE because you
 }followed like SHEEP - the sound of your enemy leading you to your slaughter.
 }Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and UNDERSTAND - if you get back up and
 }The ball is in your court.  I cannot do it alone. When Joyce Riley thought
 }she could CONTROL ME, she told you like it is - in her voice, you can see
 }her on Video telling YOU - to support Peter Kawaja's Law Suit.
 }Did you get a chance to find out or support my Law Suit FOR YOU?   NO ! -
 }WHY ?
 }It is time, WE CAN DO IT!
 }Write to><>
 }Semper-fi !
 }Keeping The Faith!
 }* * VETERAN'S NEWS and VIEWS * *
 } From time to time, VetCenter has received letters inquiring about
 }Peter Kawaja/Joyce Riley. Perhaps, the following suggestion, will help
 }to provide the answers, to those questions many have posed..
 }In a message dated 98-02-21 12:33:08 EST, you write:
 }<< Subj: Peter Kawaja & Joyce Riley
 }Date: 98-02-21 12:33:08 EST
 }From: BEAR317
 }BCC: DStormMom
 }Peter Kawaja & Joyce Riley
 }This newsletter has recently seen emails by Peter Kawaja offering
 }a video tape he has made which I have viewed. This video brings up
 }some serious and interesting questions concerning Joyce Riley. As
 }you know this newsletter has been supportive of Joyce Riley's efforts
 }to bring the GWI issue to the American public. But Mr. Kawaja's
 }video raises questions that I feel would best be discussed - in a
 }public forum - between Mr. Kawaja and Cpt. Joyce Riley.
 }In the tape Cpt. Joyce Riley, in 1995, heralds Mr. Kawaja as a "hero"
 }for stepping forward and bringing the purported manufacture of
 }biologicals in Florida to the American public. Today we hear little
 }from Cpt. Riley concerning Peter Kawaja and the files he states
 }have been confiscated by the USG and put under seal. If Cpt. Riley
 }was privy to seeing those files prior to them being sealed, we would
 }hope she would step forward in the public eye and share more with all
 }Americans concerning this matter.
 }Mr. Kawaja has repeatedly challenged Cpt. Riley to such a public
 }debate. Due to the magnitude of the serious charges made by
 }Mr. Kawaja, a public forum may be the only way to "clear the
 }air" and learn more. The charges by Mr. Kawaja are of such a
 }serious nature we would hope that Cpt. Riley will speak out more
 }on this issue and this newsletter continues to keep an open mind
 }in regards to this matter.
 }You can contact Mr. Kawaja via email at:
 }....Roger Young --The Northwest Veterans Newsletter
 }Distribution encouraged.
 }Please read this email posted by Maddision Hines.
 }Hello all,
 }As most of you know, Nurse Abbie Bakaric has been actively publicizing
 }Gulf War illnesses on her radio show, KTUR  AM1040.  She, and partner,
 }Michael Ray, have used a lot of their air time, which has been
 }from  Monday to Friday from 10 until noon, in addressing sick veterans
 }issues.  Abbie has been able to help both as a nurse and as a
 }broadcaster.  She used this medium to raise money for Sheila's surgery,
 }though another $17K is still needed, and had every intention of using her
 }talents for the benefit of  veterans over the long haul.
 }Beginning on the 10th March, the same date that she wrote a letter in
 }support of a debate between  Peter Kawaja and Joyce Riley, which she
 }believed would clear the air, and hopefully mitigate the divisions between
 }many veterans, her e-mails to me all arrived hacked off.  Since last
 }Friday, the 13th, hmmm...she has not been able to receive e-mail...From
 }Friday to Monday, she was completely bumped off line, and her server
 }continues to try to solve the e-mail problem. As though this were not
 }disconcerting enough, she received a call from her station saying that the
 }show, which has been very succesful, was no longer needed on the air.
 }Additionally, prior to this turn of events, she received a decidedly
 }threatening e-mail from a clown too cowardly to identify himself
 }accurately, and identified as Vaporlocked.
 }I have learned since researching Gulf War illnesses that it is unlikely
 }that the events are mere coincidences, and wanted to let you all know.
 }Please feel free to call the station at 801-363-1016 to
 }verify  this  information.  It is certain that my well meaning and
 }talented friend could use some support and encouragement.  It would be
 }tragic if she were to decide to leave the Gulf War issues, for as you all
 }know, there are not too many who are willing to take up the cause, let
 }alone stay with it.
 }I will leave the rest for her to share when she does get back online.
 }S. Maddison Hines
 }Vaporlocked = (Intel) ONE OF JOYCE RILEY'S COMRADES.
 }Well, for you Maddison and all those who really care to know what happened
 }; Joyce Riley and the MILITIA of MONTANA called up Abbie's radio station
 }and used THREATS AND INTIMIDATION ; here is an excerpt as Abbie mentions
 }what happened / she is speaking here of Joyce Riley : (These are excerpts
 }from email by Abbie Bakaric )
 }  "She really pissed me off yesterday by calling the OWNER of the radio
 } station, bitching, screaming and threatening him not to allow me to
 } persue the debate."
 }Another excerpt :
 }" .....because she hasn't been able to get her 'script writer' to prep her
 }for what I might blast her with !!   So what does the 'little princess'
 }do?  She has the 'big boys' from the MOM write me her letter.  You're
 }right Peter, an exorcist WOULD be in order for her debate! "
 }>-----Original Message-----
 }>From: Jeff Swan
 }>Sent: September 06, 1999 12:24 PM
 }>To: <>
 }>Subject: Re: [Anthrax-no] Gulf Veterans DO HAVE RECOURSE, it is
 }>Peter -
 }>Call me dumb, but tell me HOW?
 }>Jeff Swan
 }>Peter Kawaja wrote:
 }>>Gulf Veterans  DO HAVE RECOURSE, it is   that you have all been FOOLED
 }>>into believing you don't and have been lied to about GWI/GWSfor a very
 }>>long time, and I don't mean that just the DOD/VA - I mean the
 }>>"expert-spokespersons"who have been pushed in your face as helping you -
 }>>HAVE NOT !There is a way to bring a class action suit and present
 }>>EVIDENCE, and WIN the largestLaw Suit in the history of the world, and
 }>>prosecute the bastards responsible.
 }>>  Peter KawajaKeeping The
 }>> Faith!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
 }>>-----Original Message-----
 }>>From: The Bellers
 }>>Sent: September 05, 1999 4:25 PM
 }>>To: No Anthrax
 }>>Subject: [Anthrax-no] This is totally wrong
 }>>"Well, here we go, in circles...again!
 }>>   There are a lot of GWV who have NO medical all.
 }>>    It seams to be another one of those...Jump through the hoops, until
 }>>    you have tired yourself out. And just give up.
 }>>    My husband has paperwork, ect, and we have been told
 }>>    countless times, he was never over in the Gulf.  And at one point,
 }>>    was told, he was NEVER in the Army." That's what they are hoping you
 }>> will do. Give up so they don't have provide you the answers and
 }>> services you have fought for and so rightly deserve. I say make them
 }>> accountable. That is the whole problem here. There is absolutely no
 }>> accountability in the government. If there were the DoD, FDA, etc would
 }>> be taking an entirely different stance. It is ridiculous to think that
 }>> you can sue a car manufacturer for a gas tank that exploded into flames
 }>> when you were hit by a drunk driver. AND WIN MILLIONS from the
 }>> manufacturer!!! But you can't sue the Dod, the FDA, Bioport or anyone
 }>> else because of Feres Doctrines, Letters of Indemnity, etc. The people
 }>> who "conveniently" lost these folks records should be put in jail. The
 }>> people who have laid their lives on the line to protect us deserve
 }>> better than that. Much, much better.
 } >>

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